Resume & Statement of Qualifications


Environmental Consultation

Environmental Management System Development. Facilitated the development of an Environmental Management System for a natural gas company. Met with company personnel, facilitated development meetings, provided guidance on environmental management systems, prepared environmental management system documents. Assisted company with its 5-year implementation plan and subsequent procedure development. (2001-2006)

Tribal Environmental Management System Development. Facilitated the development of an Environmental Management System for an American Indian tribe, using the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” principles. Created the Tribal Environmental Management System Handbook that helped employees understand the Tribe’s environmental policies and procedures. (2005-2006)

Environmental Auditing, ISO 14000 Gap Analysis. Served on a project team to conduct an ISO 14000-gap analysis at a coal-fired power plant in Arizona. Provided valuable utility and business insights to the audit process and final report. The gap analysis helped the company evaluate its entire environmental management program (from corporate to the plant level). (1998)

Sustainability Assessments. Created the Fusion2e500, a sustainability assessment tool for small business. Conducted a sustainability assessment for an analytical services laboratory. Identified actions that could result in immediate and long-term economic and environmental benefit for the laboratory. (2009-2010)

Internal Environmental Auditing. Evaluated the environmental performance of a natural gas pipeline. Conducted management systems and regulatory compliance audits. Developed and maintained the audit program and procedures. Prepared and maintained the records for the following: pre-audit questionnaire, audit questions, audit checklists, reports, and action items. Administered the audits including the pre-audit questionnaire, site visit, employee interviews, reporting, development of action item list with the facility management, follow up of action items, and closure. Interacted at all levels within the company including management and upper management. (1997-1998)

Vendor Environmental Auditing. Created a vendor audit team consisting of an independent contractor and a contracts/financial specialist. Designed audit protocol consisting of tasks, schedule, pre-audit questionnaires, and checklists. Visited vendor (waste management) facilities, conducted site walk-throughs, interviewed facility management and front line workers, reviewed records, research of publicly available databases, and evaluated the financial health of the companies. Created reports with detailed information and provided a 10-point summary to be used in deciding on the vendor’s qualifications. The audit results were used to manage the company’s waste management liabilities. (1997-1998)

Hazardous Materials Reviews. Reviewed the use of hazardous materials for transportation and manufacturing industries. Performed on-site inspections. Identified areas of environmental risk. Prepared management recommendations, guidance, and procedures. (2004-2009)

Phase I Site Assessments. Reviewed Tribal and rural properties for environmental conditions. Evaluated the potential for the properties to be impacted by hazardous materials/hazardous wastes. Prepared written reports in accordance with regulatory standards (2000-2007)

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation. Managed the assessment and remediation of 30 mercury contaminated facilities, in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Assessed the extent of contamination and removed mercury from buildings and soils. Supervised approximately 11 contractors during site investigation and clean-up activities. Coordinated activities and contract negotiations with the contractors, maintained good relationships with agencies and landowners during the project. All sites were cleaned up within 2 years to the satisfaction of the agencies. (1992-1993)

Site Investigations. Managed environmental site investigations at manufactured gas plants and PCB-contaminated soil locations, and illegal dump sites. Developed the sampling strategy, supervised the collection of soil samples at various depths, groundwater monitoring, and report preparation. Supervised a drilling crew of four, plus geotechnical personnel and coordinated activities with on-site personnel. (1981-1987)

Risk Evaluation. Created a risk evaluation matrix and assessed the environmental conditions for natural gas production wells. Identified environmental risk factors based on the site conditions (type of equipment in use, proximity to residences, wells, sensitive environmental areas, evidence of spills or leaks). Ranked sites by relative environmental risk. (1986-1989)

NEPA/SEPA Document Preparation. Prepared an Environmental Assessment for an American Indian casino project. Coordinated with tribal technical staff, identified specialty experts for project assessment, collated documents and response to comments. Created a fully annotated and referenced Environmental Assessment as well as a Response to Comments document. (2008)

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning. Prepared a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for an American Indian casino project. Identified and collated the Best Management Practices to be used to prevent impacts of the project to surface water. Conducted training for construction personnel. (2008)

Environmental Planning and Permitting. Performed environmental, safety and land planning and permitting functions related for a natural gas pipeline construction project. Participated in the planning process with the goal of minimizing impacts on the landowners, community, and environment. Served as environmental inspector during construction. (1997-1998)

Third Party Observer, Electronics Recycling. Performed independent Third Party Observer duties for an electronics recycling plan in Oregon. Served as the “eyes and ears” of the state agency during electronics recycling events. Ensured that electronics products were sampled in accordance with statistical requirements and data was properly collected. (2010)

Pesticide Sampling and Data Management. Designed, developed, secured funding, and implemented a project to measure ambient concentrations of pesticides at an American Indian reservation. Used sampling methodologies proved to provide data in a cost effective manner. Identified analytical protocols to be used by laboratories. Developed the Quality Assurance Project Plan and procedures. Trained personnel on sampling protocols and served as Quality Assurance Manager for data collection. (2006-2007)

Air Quality Monitoring. Established an air quality monitoring site for an American Indian tribe. Partnered with state and federal agencies who assisted with the siting, construction, installation, and operation of two particulate matter monitors. Used a EPA federal reference method to collect quality assured data for submittal to EPA’s air quality database. (2001-2005)

Professional Editing. Editor and Author the Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference. (First and second editions) Provided technical editing and page layout services for a comprehensive desk reference on hazardous materials management. Ensured quality of work and coordinated final submittals of 50 chapters from over 150 volunteer authors and collaborators. Participated in the final production process including preparation of camera-ready copies and conversion of electronic files into a format acceptable to the printing company. Author of chapters on Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. (1998-2000, 2001-2004).

Technical Editing. Editor of various technical publications including a membership guidance manual for a professional organization, and geographic information systems software users manual. (2003-2006)


Meeting Facilitation. Facilitated the required annual environmental meeting between a mining company, regulatory agencies, and an environmental interest group. Prepared agenda and established meeting processes intended to meet the participants’ meeting objectives. Facilitated the meeting session to ensure that participants had an opportunity to share information, discuss ideas, and identify action items. (2009-2010)

Community Advisory Association Coordination. Assisted a rural community in creating a community advisory association. Provided guidance on organizational structure, communications, and by-laws. Facilitated the formational and on-going meetings of the organization. The resulting organization used a sustainability framework (environment, economy, community) to balance the diverse interests of the community. The organization was also appointed by a state agency to serve as a citizen’s water quality clearinghouse. (2006-2008)

Good Neighbor Agreement Facilitation. Assisted a rural community in establishing a Good Neighbor Agreement with an international mining company. Instructed the community in communications principles and consensus building techniques. Facilitated meetings and provided dispute resolution services as needed. Prepared draft and final versions of the agreement, using annotated drafts to arrive at consensus decisions. The resulting agreement is used as a communications tool between the community and the company. (2006-2010)

Cultural Consultation. Advised a large utility company regarding environmental remediation activities in an area sacred to an American Indian tribe. Met with company representatives, discussed importance of project impacts, and recommended further actions to improve company’s relationship with the Tribe. (2006)

Total Maximum Daily Load Collaboration. Established a community watershed advisory committee to assist in the development of the Total Maximum Daily Load for a major river watershed. The committee was created by establishing a Joint Powers Agreement between an American Indian tribe and local governments and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Tribe, Environmental Protection Agency, and state environmental agency. (2002-2005)

Watershed Management Planning. Supervised the preparation of a watershed management plan for a major river basin. The plan set the stage for future activities, such as the facilitation of the Total Maximum Daily Load process, and other community collaborative decision-making activities. (1999-2001)

Evaluation of Water Resources. Supervised the evaluation of the water resources within a major river watershed. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine if the water resources were adequate for the development of timber and fisheries activities. (2000)

Consensus Building. Assisted in opening community dialogue about a potential transfer of public land to an American Indian tribe. Facilitated a consensus building workshop. Evaluated the social ecology of the area. The efforts resulted in the Tribe and local community establishing a vision of the future, which continues to guide local activities and decision making. (2000)

Neighborhood Workshop Facilitation. Assisted a local neighborhood in addressing its concerns about a proposed development. Sponsored a neighborhood workshop. Identified the concerns and best possible outcomes associated with a development. Prepared a group vision statement and list of items for further action. (2005)

Comprehensive Environmental Training Course Coordination. Coordinated 24-hour comprehensive environmental review courses for hazardous materials managers. Identified instructors, coordinated presentation content and course materials, managed course logistics. Participated as an instructor in the areas of chemistry, clean air, clean water, radiation principles, and drinking water. Presented courses in California, Washington, Oregon, and Bangalore, India. (1989-2008)

International Environmental Curriculum Development. Assisted in the preparation of an environmental and hazardous materials curriculum specific to India. The course was an international collaboration between professionals in the US and in India. Coordinated the activities of the authors, assisted with the technical review, editing and preparation of the course materials. (2009-present)

Regulatory Review and Strategic Planning. Supervised the review of Federal, State, and local regulations for a natural gas pipeline. Participated in the comment and rulemaking development process. Created a regulatory review interactive database thus providing a comprehensive service: review, analysis, action items, and follow-up. The resulting regulatory review system allowed the company to quickly review and respond to regulatory issues. The information in the regulatory review database was also used for strategic planning and to generate action items for the company’s audit program. (1996-1998)


Environmental Program Management. Managed the environmental program (air quality, water quality, and environmental health) for an American Indian Tribe. Performed strategic planning, obtained approximately $600,000/year in grant funds, and supervised a staff of five. (2000-2005)

Leadership Training. Keynote speaker and presenter at leadership workshops and professional conferences in the United States. (2005-2007)

Organizational Funding. Assisted American Indian Tribes and non-profit organizations in seeking and securing funding for programs and activities. Prepared and submitted applications to federal agencies and international foundations. Achieved an 80 percent success rate on funding requests. (1999-2009)


Citizen Advisor, Federal Agency. Appointed by the US Secretary of Interior to advise the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service about land management in the John Day-Snake River watershed. Represent transportation and right-of-way interests. The council works collaboratively with stakeholder and other interests to ensure the long-term benefit of public lands and national forests. (1999-present)

Citizen Advisor, Regional Agency. Represents environmental interests on the Advisory Board of the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency. Advises the agency on actions needed to improve and/or maintain good air quality in the Spokane area. (2009-present)

Local Citizen Volunteer. Served as a Clean Air Ambassador for the Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority. Participated in community education and involvement projects. Assisted in the development of a Focus Group Research project that enabled the agency to evaluate its effectiveness at accomplishing its mission in the community. (1994-1997)

Leadership Spokane Graduate, Class of 1999. Graduate of the Leadership Spokane program. The 10-month program included comprehensive training in building effective communities, community leadership, communication, economic development, government and public safety, education, health care, and creating a healthy, whole community. The two class projects required by the program entailed the practical application in the local community of these leadership techniques. (1999)